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Apria's COPD Education

Better Assessment and Education Mean Better Outcomes


Education and assessment are crucial parts of the COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) care process. Unlike other programs where the education consists of a brochure, with Apria you receive one-on-one education from a licensed Respiratory Therapist, either in person or over the phone.


Proper assessment is important to determine the right treatment path. This is why we have registered, certified, and licensed clinicians on staff to administer all assessments. Most home medical equipment service providers are unable to provide this level of care and service. You're in good hands with Apria.


Qualified Staff

  • Assessment - Testing and physical examination are conducted by a Respiratory Therapist per the physician's orders.
  • Education - In-person education is provided by a registered, certified, and/or licensed clinician for patients on service with Apria.

Education topics include but are not limited to:

  • What is COPD?
  • Home oxygen therapy
  • COPD resource guide
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Home safety
  • Traveling with oxygen

Did you know? Studies show that people with COPD do better if they receive COPD education from a medical professional.1


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  1. Resp Medicine. March 2000, Vol 94, Issue 3, pp 279-287

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