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Apria Alert

ApriaAlert™ is a personal emergency response system that can help with independent living for those at risk of a medical emergency.


Get peace of mind with Apria's medical alert system

  • 24/7 assistance at the touch of a button
  • Remain independent at home
  • Rapid response in time of emergency
  • Stay connected with your loved ones


Is ApriaAlert™ right for me or a loved one?


If 2 or more of the items below are true for you or someone you care for, ApriaAlert™ may be able to help. ApriaAlert™ may be right for someone who:

  • Is 70 or older
  • Has any conditions affecting your heart, muscles, lungs, joints, bones, or vision
  • Is ever without a caregiver or family member for extended periods of time
  • Has trouble with mobility or with getting out of bed, the bath, a chair, etc.
  • Has recently had surgery or any other serious medical events
  • Has had previous falls

Call (888) 98-APRIA to order today.

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