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Sleep Apnea

Apria's Sleep Management Program

Apria Healthcare has a comprehensive Sleep Management Program to help screen for and treat Sleep Disordered Breathing. In fact, Apria is the largest provider of Positive Airway Pressure equipment in the U.S. Not only do we provide friendly service to your patients, but our licensed clinicians provide expert education and service.

Top Quality Service

Apria is focused on providing top quality service to our patients. Our ongoing self-monitoring and evaluation process ensures continual improvement in the homecare experience. From order accuracy to helpful customer service, timely delivery, patient education, and equipment instruction Apria is committed to serving with excellence.

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In spite of the seriousness of this disease, sleep apnea is undiagnosed in as many as 93% of those with the disorder.

There are several different therapeutic options specifically designed to treat each patient most effectively.

We have gathered some valuable sleep apnea-related resources for you, including information for ordering/treating physicians, Frequently Asked Questions regarding PAP therapy for Medicare beneficiaries, downloadable patient materials, and more.

Apria Healthcare provides a wide range of home sleep apnea equipment to help improve the quality of life for your patients.

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