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Apria's Values

What makes Apria the best is its focus on the patient as well as our employees. The people who work at Apria have passion and a commitment to excellence and we foster that compassion.

Apria employees continually enhance their skills, receive training, and exhibit the kind of professionalism that makes Apria a highly effective and knowledgeable resource for our patients and healthcare customers.

Our Values

Patient Care:
Our top priorities are the care and well-being of our patients which we express through compassionate service.

Ethics & Values:
We believe honesty, integrity, personal responsibility, and accountability are embedded in everything we do.

Service Excellence:
We strive to make a difference every day in the lives of our internal and external customers through superior service.

Sense of Ownership:
We empower employees to take initiative, take ownership, and perform their best.

Teamwork & Collaboration:
We believe working together with employees, customers, and vendors is critical for success.

This page is for recruiting purposes only. Nothing posted should be construed as an implied or expressed offer for employment or continued employment or as a means to circumvent Apria’s employment interviewing, screening, hiring, and/or employment policies and procedures. Additionally, Apria Healthcare is an at-will employer and maintains this status with all its employees. Nothing posted on this page either implies or expressly alters this employment relationship.

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